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RTS HE Water Power-burner Boiler, Fired with Oil, Gas or Both

28HE Series Boiler with Return Temperature Stabilizer

Smith Cast Iron Boilers has taken the field-proven design of RTS series commercial boilers to even higher levels of performance and efficiency with RTS HE series, high-efficiency boilers. Available in fifteen sizes ranging from 931 to 4,622 MBH, Smith RTS HE series water boilers are designed to provide the highest combustion and thermal efficiencies possible with forced draft firing.

Series RTS HE Water Boilers Include:

  • Rugged cast iron heat exchanger sections with integral flue collector
  • Heat transfer rods and extra thick (3") insulated jacket for increased performance
  • High temperature flexible graphite port connectors provide the installation ease of a gasket and long life of a push nipple
  • Graphite port connectors and ceramic fiber flue gas rope seals reduce assembly time and require no special assembly tools
  • Short, individual draw rods simplify assembly and reduce stress
  • A front and rear observation ports to visually inspect the flame and combustion chamber
  • Easy-to-remove, front access covers and side mounted cover plates for quick and easy boiler cleaning
  • Side mounted tankless coil domestic water heaters (when provided) for easy inspection and/or replacement
  • Cast iron smoke hood with integral fail-safe breeching damper that is easily adjusted and locked into position
  • Knocked down for field assembly. Factory packaged available.
  • Choice of Beckett, Carlin, Powerflame and Webster power burners with a wide array of available controls
Combustion Air System Improve your boiler efficiency while cutting your outside air louver size by 70 to 80% while maintaining an ideal boiler room environment
HeatNet Flexible Boiler Controls Return Temperature Stabilizer

All Models


RTS 28HE Misc

All Boilers

  • Cast iron wet-base sections rated for 80 psi (water)
  • Stainless steel Retrun Temperaute Stabilizer (RTS)
  • ASME safety relief valve, 40 psi
  • Manual reset, Hi-Limit control (Boiler/Burner units only)
  • Stack Thermometer
  • Operating control (Boiler Burner units only)
  • Burner mounting plate with insulation block
  • Insulated metal jacket, steel floor rails and flue brush
  • Theraltimeter

  • Tankless coil domestic water heaters
  • CSD-1, FM or IRI approved fuel trains
  • Inspection tappings, return yoke and barometric dampers
  • Low Nox available
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